Pay with EURC

Use EURC at Trude Ruth & Goldammer

EURC is a crypto stablecoin. That means it’s decentral money which you own dircetly. (So there is no Bank in between). In the Future probably everybody will use such coins – at our place you can already use ist right now. Eurc (on polygon) consumes less Energy than Visa, so its pretty green. EURC always has the same value as the EURO.

How To Install

You must install a Wallet which Support EURC on the polygon network. We recommand using the Bride Wallet App. Then setup a wallet. You need to choose a password and get a Seed phrase. Be sure to keep both save cause nobody can reset your password when you lost both and you cant acess your mony. When installed choose polygon as the blockchain network.

How To Get EURC

In the Bridge Wallet, choose teh Tab Currencie(Währung) and there Stasis EURS Token. There you can hit the Buy(kaufen) Button and choose Buy by bank transfer. Afterwards you have to Transfer Money to an there Swiss Bank Account. Be sure to Choose IBAN Transfer then it should not cost anything. If you are not Registered it took 7 Days until you recieve the EURC in you wallet. If you are registered you get it as fast as the money is at there Bank account.

How to pay with EURS

Just scan th QR scan the qr code at the Bar. Type in the amount of money the drink costs and hit send.
The EURS are immediately transfered to our Wallet. Consider to transfer some TIP to the Tip Wallet aswell. (its the second QR Code)


With Bridge Wallet ~500 Eurs per year can by purchased for free. Afterwards the exchange costs 1,1~1,3%. The Transfer itself costs only <0,25 ct / per Transfer.